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Edison General File Series 1914. Phonograph - General (E-14-69)

This folder contains correspondence, interoffice communications, and other documents relating to the commercial and technical development of Edison's cylinder and disc phonograph. Included are letters pertaining to public demonstrations of the Diamond Disc Phonograph, the selection of talent and music for recording, customer relations, and activities among Edison’s agents and competitors. There are also production and accounting reports, along with a letter from the accounting firm of Lybrand Ross Bros. & Montgomery regarding a project to systematize operations in the Disc Department. In addition, there are numerous letters complaining about the musical quality and limited repertoire of Edison recordings. A letter from Gov. George H. Hodges of Kansas expresses disappointment "in the ordinary class of records that you are furnishing." A communication by Harry T. Shriver, a neighbor in Llewellyn Park, is one of several commenting on the need for more dance music. Other correspondents include Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, who agreed to make a series of recordings for Edison; Thomas C. Ballard, an early phonograph promoter; newspaper publisher Arthur W. Brisbane; and radio and television pioneer Lee De Forest. Numerous undated items in Edison's hand, including evaluations of songs and artists, follow the dated documents. An incomplete set of the minutes of the Amusement Phonograph Committee appears at the end of the folder.

Approximately 25 percent of the documents have been selected. The material not selected includes unsolicited suggestions and inquiries from inventors and other unsolicited correspondence receiving no substantive reply from Edison. Also not selected are lists of phonograph dealers, letters of transmittal and acknowledgment, and daily and weekly reports concerning quality testing, sales, and other commercial matters.

Edison General File Series 1914. Phonograph - General (E-14-69) January-June

^yy\a Ck- . _

The following inquiry has been referred to the Column,

SsjLL^i s--"

_ ' ' g ... _ ';- --: v^txAs- 'i-o

nJL^-A KJ-^lSr^<L^

If you can furnish this information, I shall appreciate it veryjmuch.

aSL*~~' W ^ i&u£r

1 ^0^,0-^ 03>gfiJl c.^

r«~G£qfE3it0T, "Answers.”

jZg-Zo ‘±31


Jan. 2nd, 1914.

I received a call this morning ever the telephone from

list and referred him to the Co r| ban?Be^^pan^ ^ ffeber ons of

Hew xork City. . “r* “slSO-maohine and askea that they send

their mainover lo^fok it and start it running.

The machine was received on "»4“e8**y °*at?iB8£a9k'Bna the man went over to Mr. Be ^notlced"?^^^ TacWne was" seratch- started it off. Kr. If?air Th° «nish was worn off

ed and looked ^ * '“?? “K . pSo^ below. He called the

with did not think well of this idea at all.

regularly. then Rather soeed and then run up above 80

s°.*hS»8z°n;« "«». «» ■»»““ 18 Mexi!' msl‘"

to him and is in very poor condition.

Si-5S! £5 t.oof thoc. ».«• oracteS.

&c™» «i* «.?. »« «. «»* « *»•*-»*

you would have customers receive.

Jan. 3, 1914

Mr. Hirdj

udinion wiohea tchhave' throe A-25Q Bahogany HionogrnjM

aant SJo?h«'S'«Cluh. Maot Orange, to ho need on Monday night, January 5.

&*j?zgjsr~ fstrsi- ensu*

Ur. Barher will note tliat ono the ball-rooia on too upper floor, the large rooa dovni-atutlrs.

of thoae inntrisnento io to so in ono in toe library, and one in


It. V. Looming

Capias to iieaaro. Atteeswan, Barber, Hay oh, Bolnn Copy to Kr. Maudo^oroft










2224 2233 2235
















28192 10856 MENUET OF VALSE BLUETTS IViolin)

28193 10344 LAST ROSE OF

28194 11744 THE LAWN SV/ING


JAS. BURKE— Not considered suitable forour use. HR.VOELKMAN - "

artist^rSes?^1^? records Be recorded.

The Victor February Supplement was listened to and it was the opinion of the Committee that the surface of these records is goo

t.™ ** - «-« ie;;rds

heard It contained 20 twelve inch and 28 ten inch numbers.

~ 5

reco-ended tut they he recorded.


IRETON, Chairman .

_ ram-. “““

The Phonograph Co.


Si Exclusive Edison Distributers

SnlnsiDoins & Offices - 220 Sci.Wnbnsli Avo.

zL. Ckk 4

I W-Xx ‘,v

Mr. Wm.H.Meadowcroft, , Cl****0** £.4»*<***i


Orange, H. J. v . I

My dear Mr. Meadowcroft, ^s#***1*"- "*j?

By keeping at. it perhafSs we can The following list of itte^re^ords advertised I have

accomplish something.

and once on sale have suddenly ceased co£)3

endeavored to impress Mr. Edison with t&S-tnu . Wmgejsf hastening

their revival as available stock and now I write to you to say that if in the work you are doing incidental to records, you can boost any yuu would better fo it for this situation is rather . desperate. Many of these stand-bys have been out of stock long enough to have made them over several times and our inquiring customers can't understand it at all. They can see how a record would be out of stock for a couple of weeks but when it is seven and eight weeks and, in the case of "Annie Laurie" three months, it is very hard for us to explain.

We have always made excellent use of any signed letters you sent us in regard to records and if you have your old time ingenuity in these matters you will frame up a letter that we can post up here in the Sales Department which will serve as a reason for records being out of stock so long.

I am sorry not to have seen you when I was down there



the other day but I didn't have I wanted to do.

* $ opportunity to do half what § £

With kind regards, I am

Sincerely yours.


P.S. The new German tenor records, #83016 and #83017

CLM-ka ) 17, are J

beautifully sung but our friends are unable to see how you dare to let them come out at this late day with the surface that they have. Who imposes upon Mr. Edison by letting him publish star performances under such handicaps? These goods are unsaleable and as we never had heard them before last week and would be willing to get along without them until they were right we wonder what influence is at work in the plant to try to injure you by offering anything of this kind. Get out a couple of them and listen to them and see if you would give three dollars each for such results. When we tell the public that Mr. Edison has 'got it" now and you send us smooth records like you did for a while we get under great headway, but when you lower your standards for a few days and permit stuff to leave the plant that no one wants and each reproduction serves to set back the progress of the new machine some one ought to be guarding Mr. Edison's interests a little more closely. Some day, Old Man,

I am going to tell you something very interesting about what actually hinged and was decided on these two German records.



The Phonograph Co.

Exclusive Edison Distributers

Salesrooms & Ofnces-229 So. Wabash Avo.






80063/^ / /

/ 80072 80074 80078






80099 S

80100 80119 80121


Jan, 10, 1914

Mr. Fdison:- In

obtain some herewith rem specified:

Cat. Mo. 50052









regard to Goodwin's complaint that he cannot of the earlier selections listed, I append arks concerning the condition of the selections


Serial llo. Remarks

Apple Blossoms

Flower Song

Moulds now running. Small stock on hand. Apple Blossoms discarded frequently.

1053 J Making up more moulds.

Massa's in Cold Ground 1035(’.Yorking moulds from new Old Folks at Home 1077# Master will be finished

f 1/15/14 .

Wedding of Winds On the High Alps

1256( Wh« Master to plate 1/12 12821 Working moulds ready ( about 1/25/14

la Zingana Kiss Waltz

217l( Stock on hand. Canfill 22601 orders up to 275 at

Carry me back, etc. 0 Promise Me

Silver Threads Kiss Waltz

Hear Ha Morma La Paloma

Blbom is on the Rye Rocked in the Cradle

98l(Working moulds will 1191 (be ready 1/12/14

1098( Working moulds will 1326( be ready 1/12/14

1103 (Wh? Master plated l/6. 1196(working moulds will

( be ready about 1/17/14

1052( Sub Masters printed 1286 ( 1/10/14. Working

(moulds ready 1/15/14.

Breams of GaliD.ee Hearer My God to Thee

1288( Working mouD.ds ready 1277(

( 1/12/14


80078 Melody in F 1309( Moulds running. Small

Humoresque 20631 stook on hand. Moulds

(are discarded frequently. (Mqking upmore of Melody (in F.

80084 Serenade Hoszkowski 258G( Working moulds ready Evening Star 1021 ( 1/15/14

80098 Call ijie your Darlingl298(Sub Masters printed

Annie Laurie 2173(1/7/14. Working moulds

(ready about 1/18/14.

80099 Good-3ye Sweet Day 2314(Moulds running. Discarded

In Old Madrid 2122( frequently on In Old

(Madrid. Making up more (moulds,

80100 The Rosary 2315 (Sub Hesters printed 1/7/14

When the Robins ( Working moulds ready

Rest 2115( 1/18/14,

80119 Depuis le jour 2463 (All working moulds dis¬

carded 1/9/L4. Will make (new prints from Master (Mould 1/10/14. If cannot (repair will have to re¬ lease new Wh .Master.

80121 On Yonder Rock 2110(Moulds running. Small

Soldiers Chorus 2349( stock on hand. Discarded

(frequently on"0n Yonder (Rook. Hew working moulds (completed 1/7/14

80091 Itorts & Flowers 2642( Sub Masters printed

Genius Loci 1263U./6/14. Working moulds

(ready about 1/17/14.

82033 Home SweetHorae 1100 (Sub Masters printed 1/8.

The Swallow 1308 (Working moulds ready

(about 1/20/14.

82511 Ave Maria 1331(Sub Masters printed l/6.

Sweet Spirit, Hear (Working moulds ready

My Prayer 1097( about 1/18/14.





Anvil Chorus 1302 Misereri 83.2

Jioulds running. Small stock on hand. 3iaking up more of Misereri.

We have filled all his orders for Ho. 50089 and




Hone on this list that need making < time, and your recent releases of Whi-i the catalog.

r at Masters

Act 7/t 'As

~fJ\A *A--» (dl&Aj i ,7tfX*d 7/(< j%£.8~<>V~ <7

JaXXL #^r'/Z>UlU.t t*r»'~*e*~y if'/£UA*ruc> 'h&ts£y

tfar M /L/t4££~ ~d(fe*<-‘d-r' v &&-*~**\ JWCbfaw, Aj

at trfdr & d/ Jm.

~7%t-'&a lL//tr>s tj) tC Ji&l'/CtAt ^{fcO'A

AuUC 4a rt

dp^y*' '*/>&'

Oj^jt^> 'O bfisbC is) AstJfcZb

Tfef/ ^ Xi^td

yhi JOtLOM^f luofeto ~t -Us^- 7/X ttUU- *tr~ *?~Q/ -

*CxJ?c as Ttf /^-£A £X&a^** d* ‘it^'-'-ys’ djT

TmCAs/Z v X fbisQ Xt'&t'fb-sC' "X tfetfa,

<T?l. X/u .tJrve, XLXjd'L' /froru? d&d<<^o

dtpyy-AsV'£^-A'(- ' -X> Uund^u-d7

■Xa^tC' lU-d dlun'XtXo &dSts>


/v-td $*t~

#i\sLt*td-a AstwOLXd /L-<^

^ {Jb Tptt/Lu/ CuA-~ d

,. XfrUtW'y

JfetrnX flfcZA 4i Xa#t /feadfecfe^ pia *** fed

7a AXJtc fex jCdt TrfOkt f^yff idCcd^Up^


GuU u,,u


wo-v&y rmtyiJr

^aMM* t5

r Hi "



ally food Viot<

Mr. Y/ultor Miller*.

The London offioo artvioo forward inr per o/a Lusitania , two cnon oontninlnr n total of 40 10”

Spooicl also Masters ao per master lnfor ation moots herewith .

Mr. itayco of the on on offioo has instruoted uo to p.'vltio you repartUnp this shipment. Wo niJ.l nrranpe to dol Ivor those masters to Mr. Ori-aoo as nnitel, u .less >• 1 ad vino us to the contrary.

Foiuucii Dj;:-AP.rr.iiT


hip rau>

inol .

Copies to Ur. Grimes iiohr " ilayon " Ed i non.

The Phonograph Co.

Exclusive Edison Distributers

Chicago Jan. 16, 1914.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison, Orange , N. J. My dear Mr. Edison,

I send you herewith our Tango "ad" of yesterday v/hich runs in the "American" and the "Tribune" Sunday. I call your particular attention to the cuts being very well done for newspaper work.

Yours very truly,



January 19, 1914.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, N.J.

(j -*ZCC*-* C-^k-w-

Dear Mr. Edison :


I have been absent from mjr office for two weeks, whioh ao counts for my not advising you of my conclusions regarding the phonograph '•businessmans Philadelphia. ( t*jC*e- Ur-tJ C -V. "

As you know, I have never had any training in a strictly conmercial enterprise, and I cannot see how I could give the time and attention to the phono¬ graph business to the exclusion of my many other mat¬ ters, and, therefore, I have concluded not to person¬ ally go into it.



I have, however, talked the matter over with a number of my friends, and I have interested a young man here who has had very large experience substantially on the same lines, and X have said to him that if he would raise §50,000. I felt sure he could get into the busi¬ ness in good territory, such as Philadelphia, Baltimore or Washington. He adviseB me that he thinks he can raise the money, and wants to know what terms would be given him. If you will refer this matter to your Selling Department, and have them advise me the terms and conditions upon which they would open an account with a party having that much capital to start with, I will take the matter up with him, and will advise your Sales Department if he succeeds in getting together the money.

I am sorry I do not feel that I can take it up personally, as you know nothing would please me better than to again be associated with you and your enter¬ prises. Perhaps later you will develop something in which you will need a man with my experience, and in that case I shall be more than glad to confer with you in relation to the same.


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Insurance Department

I am Bending to you one of the original tin foil phono¬ graph records which you demonstrated at the £at®n*' °ff ioe »

April 19,1878, when my father was present. My father was some¬ what of kn antiquary. (He died in 1898; Thomas C. Donaldson) . This, tin foil is in the original package where it has been since '78. (That year, by the way, was just two years after my birth).

The penoilings on the yellow wrapper say that it was the first public exhibition; that the Patent Office, examiners were present, with Carl Schurz, Secretary of Interne

If I recall right > my father once said that Mr. Depew was also present and talked French into the recorder.

This may be of interest to you. If not, return it and I'll give it to the Franklin Institute.

Yours truly.

New Grand Hotel,

Mr. Y/. H. Meadowcroft,

o/o Thorras A. Edison,

Last spring, just e

i leaving for the West, I received

a letter from Mr. Edison, inviting me over to see him. It was im¬ possible at that time, hut could come any time in the near future. I am the man who followed Col. Roosevelt through Africa, with two cow- hoys, roped and tied down all the vicious brutes over there. I am again on my road to Erench Congo, YJest Africa, for the purpose of rop¬ ing and bringing into captivity a full grown gorilla, and other wild beasts. It is a well-known fact that the gorilla has never been in oaptivity, and that he is a great lover of music. I have it in my mind to entice him into the open by giving fcim plenty of good music.

The old man gorilla, is crazy after women and a record with some lady's voice would no doubt beguile him into our reach.

I am writing the narrative for the Sunday papers of the Un¬ ited States, six of the Hearst papers having already contracted for it, and it will be the most widely circulated bit of news that has come out in many years. I was of the opinion that Mr. Edison would like the free advertising for his new records, and also for the machine to take the roar of the animal. At any rate, I should be glad to talk it over with him, and give him such publicity as would a hundred times more than pay for the instruments that he might be willing to let us take

You can call me up at any time at the New Grand Hotel, 31st and Broadway, providing it is not later than this week.

Very respectfully yours, ^


5x0^, <?0 Mr&ty A^J

/YV\&<lJ\(XAvOqav\ - u

_ *7 vUt i\wo-.«JbJl ^^vv|ilftfe.(i . QmIL. K\iij)j\{

St 3)cbxr\N4 aan^^>

ju^dcR- _ _ _ a ^ _ _

^ /vwhUJi jvjl^.(U* m (Xaa-j. a

AA l/s /bt

Ov^v(k XsuAz AAjL/vvM) {LcdZoJ-oj 1)^, Axr\XX JlAAA/\ MT*fe) >A\V*V\AW' <-4aa d fen


\f f\KMVa <kR AvSa:Xan||'_ IWUl KtfvK. 4(4^ A. tk U).5L(W^U-^ ...

M) <M/v\ ()jV\NpblJX>| OR AM-d AatCI^ ^ jP.0_5^ _

. $DUia Si Wa . Rod- IT fr| MXMF^to ou^i tm^Lj

ill dL ivwv\

OL /VJJVaT [Yy\A%fr\ £mv\

Ju^tui ■tes'ttt


- /s, . -y—

/a*+'UJ. dC/Q-ty ^t..

*1^'-’ 1?h>C &tx-id-: _

- C#&2f~ f] ^.yutn^A^~ft-t* 3£~"CCCJ-~

-•. _ &J/i{u£y/0' C&rUm'JU^; 7/U?/' jrtf fyyyJ—A- -

_ <gt riCt-6cC*^ ^tiwuw'./sJtiie . ..go _

. ^ J/v< fr—pSsjj d /Cjk^yyZ* J^s/

styn-U-fi-pv/ " (tef'-J CL ft'-* i st- O-y' tt4A~-dL- '*^*'~C,Cl^ *{'fli

$£#=■ _ 4- . tbrdjjf". ir*-r¥

. . tff^. ^7__ ('A. ~b jhy*-**~ i4-« tCrrsrS /(-.">■

MeSZXl* i^U-V- - <fr- <3~£» i^..^.,

_ <g^> ^ S$C7i^f?ctf .Jhe-?£*t ,{rz,£i tf) /%*7tj{s2arJr c#~ _

_ t3d*^Lr-^^)^i?~ /) fih* £u-r*&> AC -&JJ/, CfT-r^V

. . J-<7 _ . . _. _ _ _

_ _ £_ _ _

vfc-/,lf _ , ■■■ ___ __

-Jk*L 'TZ/jl, /kj^t- J^£*^,-_.]%!*_ .:_.

■-/j^fL *, d^~<d*^£y-* d**zf A**^. .f^^.. .

Aj)^ tu^Z'lfr *Ut-£fr A~ rtC*3__

,/y ri/L ~//Ce~, 7%T . _

at**A**C- &<'M'i-c~f^ ■ft -

fr^.(P.~^ d .

... As^.fac ju&t^.r- yfc. j?-.4^-.^

^ &*%*Z*X <t

_ £.A.

'it *»£»**&,

" &(L*rA~sC tf*> -


_ . _ ^uc^/w n r**~j - ^r^r-y_ ■- - ~--^rir-T - ~7rTT - "3 - ,

s/b^ LrtM' &}*z ficth-v-*/ < tfclA ** _

_ *jU^< r

' ' ' _ f7«J ifcZc. *rx_ iAu /g***^. Wjf^r'

_ _ _ !±ul^ fi^osy .

_ •••^£~ Qs&trf**^ -p - - - ^— -----

'■:' ■■ _ jUj^y: u t CJWt ft*' &~A

d^- -ff~ h^*j *d**stlx~

st'/Loi*/ ■$* P^^-*~- - -

_ -

W. .

**,,?*. ^255^ -7/^"

./ / / / < /tZ'/'S'^ -TuA, - J^-eO* . . ^

c, eJ't^. £<£-<3 ~Sl~C d *£i<L,<£ <ff7^r \r/ /*-..* /3**t. ,& ^

(P_ U t~Orts 7 ^

Xc e?(j£< J& ^ ^z-/

■/-C&n eft^-cZ^d ^v'.' .$3&*ts-~/'.^f~'art's.i


<7 /

^r/i'rU . sr/l~C . ,t£—/-5'A26—. T^C-Cr'.. &£t'/&truy)s-

-fr-t«X. S&C a ’' -^^"-‘•v‘ *^*-

8$ .st^-rtO. ... . sZhs^T' tS^C- -t,tsep\ tt&tTX

,^/c /yCtr-^V. ^ ^£0. J/U7~


rrx 7

^ey>+*r? A.*


f $TCr:.. . ^ jTt' - (^fen t cirt. r47&vy, £c-„^..



Hew Grand Hotel,

Hew York City,

Jan. 22, 1914.

Mr. W. H. Meadowcroft,

Orange, H. J.

Dear Sir:

Youre of the 21st is here, and will say X will he here in the oity next week and would he very much pleased to go over to your laboratory, and to have a few words with Mr. Edison. Monday or Tues¬ day would he more likely to find me with time at my disposal than later on.

Very respectfully yours,

-fan -&PL -&&£ <wt&Lg_

MAMrtd. arf~ -$tU -*•* -&& '* **

aw. asC-ei^ &5 && - /of & 4<re ^&£*«^yty

,<4y8 & LI,/ ye/ isy^A~ ^cA^ui^e

yl£y z£e^5-£**f 6LM<*

^Uiy^y0eui> iZ&tCo-e&ii &bl a^A 70 f e^4 e^e^Ae-A ~u+ "Jua^ 'Zjstrvh. . v/z^ ^.<^&> k&e*A. -£-*-<? xxtfxz^.et^k. sO/AA^ ^ -t^tsisvwfce^Q- aaa.4. ~74so <e^-et jj^ **-*^-*j .

fa/ J? asa-4-cas%t£.at --iaaaaaaA-aui, ~7o -£&e 2. U -ma*a>

'T'i-vldL <wut i&z^- .

j&pvs:.. -tr

~Uu*M e^AA/ACcciiAc^ -fc 2. 77/ £e. s/oaJ

aset&Zo /kri/if. ■&£ ~e*4 &-**£■ AZMA-&4*-


a, <(1^.^ , -t*. i.

, ~u ~^e ~7'Z*>

. -&rJUe£ ^ fyrf:.r*t* .?£*.

. >J&... .4^ *v t^U ^ -

jh/oMie. -Ua. ~du. 'fce&i/, -^ei^A '&£'

‘^A.aX^M^ "to **-

_ ^O- Ju&aeA^-j^t.-, - - - - -

0^ ~&£~* &&£ -g^^g^ei-^ixg. _ ~^0£J/L

* _&^.-t£jz._aA£^ &^-A**£&£L

lo^dle. -fitu. lv y

•HU*#**. ^ rpvft ?**."< e^7^<L ^

-J&C /a^z&a^d')

3c^c -P&L ?*^fy

. **&+■ e^uu^

U^^W. Tfar. ^w<^ -& ;

-2^- ^^Z- *«# *#' * ^ ^

j^> -fiU ^ -****£ ^.*£o£*g~~4- -&..■*

\ft£z. s&Uis Sjf &7u>

ItA* « 7?^*^ ^ ;

-J *7 f***f~- *^-

f , 3U **»**£ .*«**'-&*« <^-’i^

^_nU . ^ ™*44*&~

rf . _ ^ L . #L i^ £#sc*e. J&ut.

..**...3^. w(.JSEj£e-*jf**t- '7^7

[_ CVrAsG' . -TsvL<&v/t>ed -art*-vLp. '£.£***&■

. ^

Stzsi&v. ~*K*^*'

I ^ .4~«S.s»*n4b., *^-^*~*

_iWLK*- .rr. ■■■**- - ' x

f~ ^zrzJjirlt

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^51^3^ S'jAls6-e' l^LsZ-K. P<J-tdAL -Z^c &*J79lL-jjU>-L*<> r^X-PtAjE S&IA?.. AUa &IAM+.J /Le~

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..^1.^*4 _ ■^VVtxM^. 2wi<K|l4^ _

Cl4s(d- _ ■*<* ..

. . . A&r^^Ct'X -




Richmond. va. Jan. 28th. 1914-.

Mr. Thomas A. Edison,

Orange, N. J.



Bear Sir,-

I will arrive in Orange Monday morning together with Father Hanigan, who is quite a noted Priest of this City, and who 1b an enthusiastic Phonograph man. He has bought both Disc and Cylinder of your machines and is talking of getting a Kinetoscope for his orphan schools. He has been a great help to us here, and is very desirous of meeting you, and I hope it will be convenient for you to give him a little of your valuable time on Monday.

Thanking you, I am.

Yours very truly,


No rthants. Talking Machine Society.

Mr. Meadowcrof t-

1- Song- I used to think an awful lot of you”;

II. G. aung hy Mias Dunwoody-' 1/28/14-

2- Song- Dear little forgot-me-not-” j

H. G. sung hy Miss Duiiwoody-r 1/28/14-

3- Song- "A national Call”

II. G. sung hy Miss Dunwoody- 1/28/14-

4- Song- "Will you lore me then as now"

II. G. sung hy Hiss Dunwoody- 1/28/14-

5- Y/atching and Waiting"

H. G. sung hy Miss Dunwoody- 1/28/14

6- Dreams of Dreamland-

11. G. sung hy Miss Dunwoody- i/28/14-

7- The Titanic- ,

H. G. sung hy Miss Dunwoody- 1/28/14-

8- Dittlo Thirty One

GOOD- sung hy Miss Dunwoody- 1/28/14-

9- The Hymn of the West Virginians

PAIR- sung hyMiss. Dunwoody- 1/28/14-

10- Little Sweetheart I'm so lonely

PAIR TO GOOD- sung hy Miss Dunwoody 1/28/14-

11- In the Shadows- PASSED for disc- played' hy Bing- 1/28/14--

12- I hear you calling mo- Passed for -disc- Sung hy Hayoe -3^8/14

13- Gregorian Music {see letter) heard ion Victor records

letter to Mr. Meadowcrjoft-

14- "In a clock store" passed for diso- heard Victor record

( seycHayes file)

Hayes- 1/29/14-

Ub Va juuj

^ ^ ^I>1 n jiL. n.^ufn^A^

aoce^f* (r*L4=<


nt-O CC»W< g»-it<^gT»»M« ftyfawiuxt-'^f

_ V\6>cwi V>y> a (gfeoujCa. (r^3EuEfct^~^Xvtt : -

_ s-~-‘~C&c» _ -

.■_._ .olWS^*U. „pt^. .._^i^-

_ oJt&toX^Juj

]/\sx^y*t- c*~ OAAit.aj(Ui <dl GiJb^Jk&tt& -

W^.viu^L^— ^ u^HXa_ :3*&c=a£L-S?!^^ \+-*a\


Thomas A. Edisonjnc.

Ora nge ,N. J .,U. S. A.

Edison Phonographs and R«cords^Edison Prirnary Batteries EdisonKinetoscopes nndMolion Kelure Mms EdisonHome Kinetoscopes and Motion Picture Tilms Edison D ictatind Machines. Edison Kinetophones Edison A.C.Rectifiers and Edison House Lighting Controllers

Dear Sir:

Ur. G. W. Hallowell has been appointed Manager of the Traveling Force in the‘Phonograph Sales Department, and I request your hearty oo-operation with him.

Mr. Hallowell has spent the past two months here familiarizing himself with our business. He is not an old phonograph man, and will he able to approach our selling problems with an entirely fresh point of view. He will have our entire organization behind him and X am sure that we can count on your hearty support.

With best wishes for the Hew Year, I am

Yours very truly,

ir ^l'fi7/ZefZ^ «^X 4^f^l

-ZUZZ&l 'Zi^-

^ fir

^ ''/jcAC^- ^





Would respectfully adviBB that the Recital arranged for at Mark on H.nd.y Ironing, W “■ *““»

anoo.oom, »« Baring an att.ndano. of approali.at.ly 560, *n. e.paelty o, tn. ndl n.lng a U«l. Oror 800. »

,n. andlonoo ... «U that conld M d.olrod, .. «*. «*. **»* fifty poro.no «. r-aln.d aft., tn. I.oltal, and oro.dod aronnd

tn. Inotrument on tn. .tag., ad** »—»»• a”**'1""- *"*

tat tnat «. play »»r. Moon., onion .. did nntil akont ton tutrty,

or a half hour after the Recital was f taished.

There were representatives from Bamberger's, .-a..-, and tn. latter O.npany, t.g.tMr oitn Odd o-H l"*1 dealers, present.

I feel quite certain that we can obtain Borne retail ropreent.tion, *1* rtl 1. a M Mougnt an.at ny

the Recital in question.

•Attached hereto are cards of invitation, and

oopieB of the program.

There are one or two matters regarding the

Newark situation which I would like to discus, with you as soon as you afford me an opportunity.

February 4, 1914

Mr. Edison^?


You will receive at almost any time, from Joseph Button, Hawaii, a holiday souvenir- of some kind.

Joseph Dutton, who is perhaps better known as Brother Dutton, was I think formerly a telegrapher at Memphis, Tenn., and I believe that he wrote you personally some years ago. The correspondence was turned over to this department and wa have since kept in touch with him. Brother Dutton is in charge of the leper settlement at Molokai, having devoted his life to that work.

On two or three occasions we have sent him records for an Edison Phonograph that he has.

If, upon the receipt of a souvenir from Brother Dutton, you could find it possible to write him even a few words in your own handwriting I feel that he would be greatly pleased. Possibly you knew him in your days as a telegrapher.

L. C. McCheaney.

February 10th, 1914.

Hr. C. Ii. i.'ilson:

Referring to your memorandum of January 23rd to Kr. Edison, re. Mrs. Ilsen's work, would roBpeotfully advise, as you already know, she was engaged for the express purpose of taking up work in oonneotion with recitals at women's olubs and other or¬ ganizations of similar oharaoter throughout the country, and there was a distinct understanding that there wbb to he no commercialism connected with her particular work; in fact this phase of the mas¬ ter was very carefully discussed before she was placed in the field.

Before she goes to any one of the cities she has been Visiting, we have endeavored to correspond direct from ^his Office with the women's olubs in an endeavor to secure likely pros- peots which she follows up and eventually fives recitals from which she obtains entree into other circles, and I havebeeninsistent that loh'bers located in the cities wnere Mrs. Xlsen has refrain from doing anything at all whioh would interfere with her work with the women's olubB, by permitting anything ^atmiontbe considered in the nature of advertising, for Just so soon as we tie up the oommeroial end with this feature of I*s* °

Juet so soon will that particular work have to be discontinued.

This is alBO true with lir. Morgan, because in all of his oorrespadence with ohurohes and other organizations he ^ makes clear there is no oommeroial side to the reoitals he is giving.

There is no reason if you so desire to entirely ohange the oharaoter of this work, but in my opinion the moment you do it will practioally make it impossible to carry out the original idea in its entirety.

Before doing anything at all in connection with this matter X would like to receive your instructions regarding it.



(fcO,/J ^ c-*? r^,^/ . <0^

^ J p,** cA/^ J »

fcjShj... . fcJL.sk. .

. . . 7T 1

ai. cf.^9 .

? - ^ -

. sBAuluuu.

^ y^x. , _ ^

fl^ CtA-vLj £fctXsnJz. <y^^f -d t*~X_oLo*L<j / | r.-t>'< O^- oz/ ~ _

jfctfc, 09x^j'. tynoL- OhL_^Q~JLIJ. Vle^M0^ ^

Jax -&Lw^ Jrufcz -zd.

tSyd^Jl ^ ■JyJLtML.^J cj n^° ^c/

<* <J AOcnJU_ @eJcSL- Ja> <^iza_ J&un*st__

'Idrf QCy)<Jlu>a^ %J<~£

fyfaui*. cUaa iun*A Uf-c/Jc^ia tyli.aA/J- Q^ _

J- % /-/a** .Jjf (^ Jaat^a ULaJL. J «-**•<_- a-dJUL— m<JLL <,JJL -codL / caj avJi l^.^^Jou<AAj _ _

{~X>^ J&'

,cifd Sj)<o/u\ *sui_ac/-


0>lc<-tj Or 2— (2^=yw-» X k*et>-<_c& (M*

—l H-t -wrti ibtdmAh^#

IOo\A^v <J^W £x ***

-\Q fe-OT^-Cf Z^CUjJL

The Phonograph Co.

Exclusive Edison Distributers

February 10.1914.

Mr »W . H. Meadpw croft

Thos , A. Edison. Inc.

I was very glad to receive ypur kind letter.and much elated over the fact lilt Mr! Edison took such interest in my criticisms.

On the whole you seem to agreel with me, except that you leave yourself open for a splendid argument

be made aFkLe? myself .and have associated with

When I say "our instrument" X wish to convey to you Just what

a jr*.

it was not the f3U^,°La?ewac|nt dispose of them although people £ SKSni’tS